A lot of parents say that choosing a good kindergarten is necessary to their child ready for schooling later on. They are quite right in this regard, as going to a good kindergarten allows children to develop basic skills and improve the way they interact with their surroundings. Although there are quite a lot of kindergartens available these days, parents often have a difficult time picking one out of all these options. This is mainly because they don’t have a clear idea regarding what makes a kindergarten stand out from the rest in terms of quality.

So here are some essential factors to consider when selecting a kindergarten. If any kindergarten out there has the following facilities, you can safely enrol your child without issues, as you will be guaranteed of having chosen a good place:

Favourable Learning Environment

Visiting a kindergarten should give you a pretty clear idea of its learning environment. Make sure to inspect classes and even outdoor playing areas: are they big enough to fit a lot of small children at once? How does the environment feel overall? Does it encourage children to pursue learning activities? You should get answers to all these questions after a quick walk around the kindergarten premises.

Friendly Staff

Since your child is going to spend quite a few hours per day in the company of strangers, you will definitely want them to be friendly and caring. Speak with teachers and instructors to see what they think about the kindergarten and their basic plans for how to conduct classes. Teachers need to be active and quite energetic, or else they will have trouble handling a group of small kids!

A Variety of Activities

Kindergartens should never focus on a specific area of education. They need to offer a good balance of different types of activities, be they related to academics, motor skill development or even recreational activities like dancing and singing. The last one is important, as toddler music classes are a great way to get your child to start cultivating an appreciation for music.

A Good Curriculum

A quick glance at the curriculum should be enough for you to understand how each of the several activities will be conducted at the kindergarten. Look out for sessions which include hands-on-learning and development of both academic and social skills. All of the activities that are offered need a suitable time allocation. For example, music classes for kids cannot be conducted just once per week, or there is no point in them including such an activity in the first place.


Although some of the less developed preschools have issues obtaining many accreditations, having such qualifications assures you that a preschool is dedicated to improving itself in order to cater for their children. You can think of it as a safety net, as a kindergarten with such high standards will always deliver at its level best.